Device As A Service

Our service model is friendly and provides organizations with a
flatline investment that leads to better budget control and greater cash flow control.  Furthermore, we provide organizations with not only the hardware but also a complete end-to-end lifecycle services package.

Within the scope of our services include:

  1. Ruggedized device with over 75cm fall rate
  2. Always On (Sim enabled laptops and tablets)
  3. Localized keyboard with over 500 local languages

Our DaaS solution allows you to subscribe either for a LAPTOP or a TABLET. You can now pay for what you use or what you need. This will enable you to scale up and down as your business grows or  experiences seasonal demands. You can also benefit from some of our services including a full-service support broken down into, ‘break-fix’, a ‘direct replacement capacity’ and helpdesk support.

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